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Even though Nepal is slowly developing towards urbanization, in rural areas most of the houses are made from mud, bricks and cements. Even the houses in the city areas are just barely meet the required standard.  Truth to be told, the income of the average nepali citizen is not enough to make the houses which meet the standard. That is the reason why the houses we built for security has become a reasons for the insecurity.

According to the scientists, Nepal is one of the most active places for earthquakes. We have faced a few of those dangerous earthquakes in our lifetime. So if we can’t make our houses earthquake proof, we will face grave consequences.

On the other hand, the houses should also have some services. Nepal is one country which has a very different range in average temperature. The temperature in hilly and terai region which averahes feom 30-40 degree celcius  drops down to 0-5 degree celcius. In the same way the temperature in the Himalayan region is cold throughout the year.

In the forth coming days we have to counter the temperature differences and use these kinds of technologies. Considering these things sandwich home solutions PVT. LTD has devised a technology for temperature resistant and earthquake proof houses.

Sandwich home solutions PVT. LTD has an automated technologies for the roofing (PU sandwich roofing panel), PU sandwich partition panel for walls and partitions, high grade corrugated colored sheet, C and Z purlin, along with different other standard construction.

By using Corrugated Colored Sheet on the outside and Polyurethane Foam in PU sandwich panel, the houses are earthquake proof, temperature resistant and highly durable. Other general problems are also minimized by using these products.

The houses are also protected from rips, insects and decompositions.